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Tim of Amboseli

Photo 26-09-2023, 06 37 25.jpg

Original Work by Claire Milligan

Tim was sadly one of the last few great tuskers remaining in Africa. Every single day he faced every threat possible to an elephant. Tim sadly died aged 50 on the very same day I completed this drawing - a tragic and sad day yet a haunting but warming feeling to have captured this icon creature who has captured the hearts of many over his 50 years. His legend will live on.


This drawing is my most complex drawing to date, with over 100 hours of drawing gone into it. I felt hugely inspired to draw Tim with the complexities of the elephant's old skin, the moody strong lightning and I felt compelled to draw this creature's soul. Elephants have always felt close to my heart, and this drawing now sits as one of my all time favourite and most meaningful wildlife drawings.

Size: 23.5" x 19.5"

Medium: Coloured Pencil


(Limited Edition Prints Available)

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Prints Available
Tim of Amboseli Elephant Drawing

Limited Edition Prints of 'Tim of Amboseli' can be purchased here:

Painting in Progress Video
Watch a video showcasing the making of this painting here:
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